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Job Seeker Services - Baltimore County American Job Centers

Computer Resource Labs offer…

  • Computer workstations with Microsoft Office Software
  • Internet access
  • Maryland Workforce Exchange online job bank
  • Fax machines, printers, résumé paper and copiers
  • Local telephone service
  • Reference library

Professional Seminars emphasize…

  • Skills assessment
  • Résumé development
  • Job search strategies including networking and Internet search
  • Interview guidance and practice

Job Opportunities through…

  • On-site job postings
  • Job fairs
  • Specialized recruitment events
  • Individualized job referrals

Workforce Development Professionals provide…

  • On-site career consultation
  • Specialized services for the disabled, veterans and other diverse populations
  • Connections with partner agencies, such as the Small Business Resource Center, Division of Rehabilitation Services and others

Skill Enhancements include…

  • Introductory computer skills
  • Educational instruction through courses such as ESOL and GED
  • Job specific occupational training in areas such as Allied Health, Skilled Trades, Technology, Transportation and more

Re-Entry Transition Program

Baltimore County Workforce Development Centers have trained specialists on staff to work for and advocate on behalf of those persons formerly incarcerated. They also work hand-in-hand with the business community connecting them with this special population to fill their employment needs. Re-entry Specialists provide:

  • Job search assistance and referrals
  • Referrals to supportive services and training
  • Linkages between job seekers and employers

Baltimore County
Workforce Development
Center at Eastpoint

7930 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland, 21224
Telephone: 410-288-9050 ext. 424 Fax: 410-288-9260

Baltimore County
Workforce Development
Center at the Liberty Center

3637 Offutt Road
Randallstown, MD 21133
Telephone: 410-887-8912 Fax: 410-496-3136

Baltimore County
Workforce Development
Center at Hunt Valley

11101 McCormick Road, Suite 102, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031
Telephone: 410-887-7940 Fax: 410-329-1317