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Orientation for Job Seekers

Employment and support resources to assist individuals in achieving their employment goals and encourage lifelong learning are available in our centers.

Services for Veterans
In addition to helping veterans find employment and training opportunities, staff provide vocational guidance, referral to supportive services and case management services to veterans with significant barriers to employment.


A variety of workshops are held monthly in our centers. Most are open to all and others can be accessed by meeting certain eligibility requirements. Registration with Maryland Workforce Exchange is required for workshops and the ability to view the Maryland Workforce Exchange Events Calendar.

Wage and Hour Information
If you are an employee who believes your wages were unlawfully withheld, please refer to the "Wage and Hour Remedies" Link.

Career and Workforce Information
Local and regional labor force, industry, occupation and wage statistics and data.

Apprenticeship and Training Information
Apprenticeship is a voluntary, industry-driven program that is sponsored by employers, employer associations and jointly by management and labor. An apprentice, as an employee, receives supervised, structured, on-the-job training combined with related technical instruction in a specific occupation. Apprenticeship is open to anyone age 16 or older, however, an employer may set a higher entry age. Individuals must be age 18 to apprentice in specified hazardous occupations.

Unemployment Insurance Information

Maryland Workforce Exchange
Maryland Workforce Exchange allows you to search for current openings in your community. You can create multiple resumes to apply for posted jobs, research in demand careers, and find occupational training that meets your needs. The Maryland Workforce Exchange is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week from your home computer.

Disability Navigator
The Navigator enhances the capacity of One-Stop partners to assist job seekers with disabilities to 'navigate' the various programs and systems, and be a resource for the business community.

Work Permits

Maryland Problem Solver
Resources for Maryland families.

Maryland Sail
SAIL helps you apply, renew, or learn about various social services offered by the State of Maryland.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 433 million members in 200 countries and more than 7 million daily job listings.

Job Tips & Other Job Search Resources

Susquehanna Workforce Center - Bel Air
Mary Risteau Building
2 South Bond Street, Bel Air, Maryland  21014
Telephone:  410-836-4603   Fax:  410-836-4640
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Susquehanna Workforce Center - Elkton
1275 West Pulaski Hwy, Elkton, MD 21921
Telephone: 410-996-0550  Fax: 410-996-0555
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Aberdeen Workforce Center
University Center
1201 Technology Drive, Room 107
Aberdeen, MD 21001
Telephone: 410-272-5400 Fax: 443-327-8763
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