Division of Unemployment Insurance


Employer Integrity Letter - Unemployment Insurance Contributions


Download the Employer Letter (PDF document, 425KB, download Adobe Acrobat for free)

Dear Employer,

Maryland's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund is in a stronger position than the trust funds in most other states. Over the last few years Maryland has successfully reformed and modernized our unemployment insurance system. Largely due to those reforms, we are among the smaller number of states that currently maintains a positive trust fund . While the majority of other states are making interest payments to the federal government, Maryland's trust fund has no debt. As a result of these actions and as the economy improves, we expect Maryland's unemployment insurance tax rates to decline in 2013.

Unemployment insurance fraud increases unemployment taxes for law-abiding businesses, threatens the availability of funds for people with legitimate unemployment insurance claims and strains the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund. The Maryland Division of Unemployment Insurance is committed to the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of those who commit unemployment insurance fraud. We are working on information technology improvements to the unemployment insurance program.

You can help in the campaign to stop fraud:

  • Say something. If you know of an individual or company that may be defrauding the UI program, report it by telephone at 1-800-492-6804, by e-mail at uifraud@dllr.state.md.us or download our fraud reporting form on our web page and click on the icon labeled "Stop UI Fraud". Reports are confidential and can be anonymous.
  • Report all of your hires and rehires, as required by law, at MD New Hire Registry. Unemployment Insurance cross-matches data from the Federal and Maryland New Hire Registry in order to prevent and detect the payment of benefits to individuals who are back to work.
  • Respond quickly to all inquiries from Unemployment Insurance. If you use a payroll service or third party for your unemployment insurance tax reporting, verify that your vendor is responding in a timely manner to requests for information and earnings verifications.

Working together, we will further improve and strengthen our program.

Julie Ellen Squire
Assistant Secretary