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State-Chartered Credit Unions


The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation supervises all Maryland-chartered credit unions. We work to ensure that members can conduct their financial business in well-managed and sound institutions. We can also assist you with general questions or complaints that involve any of the credit unions we charter. If you have a question or a complaint, you will first need to determine if your credit union is a Maryland state-chartered institution. You can do that by checking to see if it is included on our list of state-chartered credit unions. These are the credit unions we supervise. For questions about any of these credit unions, please contact us at (410) 230-6022 or send an email to Teresa Louro.

For complaints, because you and your credit union are most familiar with your account(s), we ask that you start by dealing directly with your credit union to resolve any problems. Make sure that you talk with someone who is at a high enough level of authority at the credit union. If you are still unable to resolve the problem and you want to file a complaint against your credit union, please contact our Consumer Services Unit.

You should be aware that not all credit unions operating branches in our state are Maryland-chartered institutions. Some credit unions are federally chartered and some are chartered by other states. These institutions are supervised by other regulatory agencies and our office does not have jurisdiction over them. If you have a question or complaint involving one of these institutions, you will need to contact the appropriate regulator. The easiest way to determine which agency you should contact is to simply ask your credit union who its state or federal regulator is.

Generally, you can also determine which agency to contact by looking at the full name of your institution. If your credit union has "Federal" or "FCU" included in its name, it is a federal credit union and is regulated by the National Credit Union Administration ("NCUA"). You can reach the NCUA at (703) 519-4600.

If your credit union is chartered by a state other than Maryland, you will need to contact the banking department of the state where your institution is headquartered.

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