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The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation licenses and examines mortgage lenders, brokers and servicers operating in the state of Maryland, as well as licensing the mortgage loan originators that they employ. The Office does not license or examine depository institutions operating in Maryland that are Federally chartered, or exempt under the Maryland Mortgage Lender Law. View a list of Mortgage Entities that are NOT Regulated by The Office of The Commissioner of Financial Regulation

To determine if a mortgage lender, broker, servicer, or originator is licensed to do business in Maryland, please follow the "Find Someone Who Is Licensed" link.

The Consumer Services Unit works diligently to assist homeowners who are experiencing a variety of problems with the servicing of their mortgage loans. Complaints concerning forced placed insurance issues, failing to credit the loan for mortgage payments, or assessing undue fees and charges to the loan account are just a few of the types of mortgage complaints investigated.

Currently, the Consumer Services Unit is experiencing a high volume of complaints requesting assistance to avoid foreclosure sale. In addition to effectively working with lenders and loan servicers in recommending loan modification opportunities and other work-out options available to consumers to avoid foreclosure sale, Maryland has enacted legislation to protect homeowners from immediate foreclosure action as well as fraudulent foreclosure schemes that swindle consumers of their hard earned income. To get help with your delinquent mortgage, please visit the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) at HOPE (Home Owners Preserving Equity): Foreclosure Prevention/ Assistance Program or call 1-877-462-7555.

Please visit our Mortgage and Foreclosure Information page for additional information on mortgage foreclosure fraud and rescue scams.

If you would like to file a complaint against a licensed mortgage lender, broker, servicer, originator or an unlicensed party who you believe may have violated the law, please proceed to the "Complaints and Inquiries" page.

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