Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation


Office Structure


Depository Supervision Unit
The Depository Supervision Unit is responsible for the supervision and examination of all Maryland-chartered banks, credit unions, and trust companies.

Depository Corporate Applications Unit
The Depository Corporate Applications Unit is responsible for the review and processing of all applications filed by banks, credit unions, and trust companies for new charters, mergers, acquisitions, affiliates, stock conversions, changes in control, branches, foreign bank offices, field of membership changes, and all other approvals required under Titles 1 through 6 of Maryland's Financial Intuitions Code.

Non-Depository Supervision/Compliance Unit
The Compliance Unit is responsible for monitoring the business activities of over 10,000 licensees, ensuring their compliance with State and federal laws and regulations. These licensees provide a myriad of financial services and products, including consumer purchase financing, personal loans, real estate secured loans, check cashers, money transmitters, and debt management services.

Consumer Services Unit
The primary function of the Consumer Services Unit is to investigate consumer inquiries and complaints involving licensed entities in the State of Maryland with a goal of resolving the complaint. Maryland residents may file a complaint simply by writing a letter detailing the nature of their concern or completing a complaint form. The complaint may be mailed or hand delivered to our office; e-mailed or sent by facsimile. An examiner will be assigned to the complaint and will forward a copy of the complaint to the licensee for a written response. The examiner will review all the information and render a decision based on Maryland law. The consumer will receive the examiner's outcome of the investigation in writing.
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Enforcement Unit
The Enforcement Unit includes eight investigators and it is the investigative branch of the Office of The Commissioner of Financial Regulation. The primary mission of the Enforcement Unit is to provide investigative support to the other units in the Commissioner's Office. The members also conduct independent investigations of potential or alleged regulatory and criminal violations of the statutes over the businesses that are licensed by Financial Regulation.

Non-Depository Licensing Unit
The Licensing Unit of the Commissioner's Office is responsible for the licensing of over 15,000 non-depository consumer credit grantors and mortgage loan originators (including more than 2,000 mortgage lenders), in order to ensure their compliance with State and federal law. These entities provide mortgages, consumer loans, retail sales financing, debt collection, debt management, check cashing, money transmitting and other services to Maryland consumers.

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