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Apprenticeship Regulations - Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program


The Apprenticeship and Training Regulations

To access the full text of the regulations please go to the following links:
Code of Maryland Regulations 09.12.43 Maryland Apprenticeship and Training
Labor and Employment Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, Section 11-401
Code of Maryland Regulations 21.11.12 - Socioeconomic Policies

The Role of DLLR - Maryland Apprenticeship and Training


Registering Programs
DLLR Maryland Apprenticeship and Training works with an applying sponsor to help develop the apprenticeship program to meet the requirements of the apprenticeship regulations. Once a sponsor has developed apprenticeship standards and has organized program curriculum, the program will go before the Apprenticeship Council. The Council will decide if the program meets all the apprenticeship requirements. If the program is approved it is then registered with the state.

Upon approval, sponsors will have to sign an Employer Acceptance Agreement, which states the employer agrees to hire and train apprentices, maintain apprenticeship records and request acceptance as a participating employer. To see a copy of this form please refer to the Publications tab.

Registering Apprentices
Each apprentice hired by a registered program must also be registered with DLLR. Upon being hired the apprentice should complete an Apprenticeship Agreement with his or her employer. This informs the apprentice of the terms and conditions of their employment, in addition to allowing the state to keep record of the apprentice's progress.

It is only through registering an apprentice will be able to receive their Certificate of Completion and become an industry recognized journeyperson or an eligible candidate to become a journeyperson, depending on the trade.


Because both the apprenticeship programs and the apprentices are registered with Maryland Apprenticeship and Training, the state is able to monitor both the employers and the apprentices to be sure each is adhering to the agreed upon standards and to Maryland's regulations.

Compliance investigations are to ensure apprentices are being treated fairly, gaining the training they are entailed to, as well as, being compensated fairly on the progressive wage scale. All aspects of the apprenticeship are investigated to be sure all standards are being met.

In addition to protecting the apprentices, compliance visits also help protect employers in the state by preventing other unscrupulous employers from taking advantage of their apprentices to undercut their competition through depressed labor costs. Compliance visits also verify the apprentice(s) is completing the required training and other requirements set by the employer in the apprenticeship standards.

Compliance investigations are designed to ensure each party is following the regulations of the apprenticeship program and to create an even competition between apprenticeship employers.

However if there is an issue at an apprenticeship program needing to be brought to our department's attention from either an apprentice or a sponsor, please do not hesitate to contact us.