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Sponsoring a Program - Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program


Sponsoring a Program

If you have any changes or program up-dates you need to inform Maryland Apprenticeship and Training about, please e-mail matp@dllr.state.md.us. Contact information especially is important to keep up to date; e-mail address, contact person, mailing address and phone number changes should all be sent to Maryland Apprenticeship and Training in order to help our department service your program better.

Register a New Program

The Requirements
In order to register a training program with Maryland Apprenticeship and Training be sure the program will meet the following requirements:

  • Training in a registered occupation, as listed under the Find an Apprenticeship tab. Please contact us if your occupation is not listed and you would like to begin an apprenticeship program.
  • Skills learned from training are transferable throughout the industry and are not limited to a specific organization alone.
  • Provide 144 hours of related classroom instruction and 2,000 hours of on-the-job training.
  • Provide a progressive wage scale, starting at a percentage the journeyperson's rate with incremental increases to reflect the new skills the apprentice has attained.

The Process

  • Contact Maryland Apprenticeship and Training to discuss registering a program and to schedule a site visit with an Apprenticeship and Training Representative to begin the registration process. Please e-mail: matp@dllr.state.md.us or call 410-767-2246
  • Complete, with an Apprenticeship and Training Representative, all registration documents.
  • Attend the Apprenticeship and Training Council meeting where your registration request will be decided.
  • Maintain program and records to remain compliant to the Maryland Regulations regarding apprenticeship.