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DLLR's Division of Labor and Industry


Report of the Equal Pay Commission

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Background
  3. Commission
      1. Commission Membership
      2. Commission Meeting Schedule
      3. Commission Charge
      4. Commission Process
  4. Findings
      1. Extent of Disparities and Factors
          1. Nationally - Wage Gap - Gender-Based
            Choice of Industry and Occupation
            Work Patterns
            Unexplained Disparity
          2. Nationally - Wage Gap- Race/Ethnicity Based
            Choice of Industry and Occupation
            Work Patterns
            Skill Disparity
            Immigration and Language Disparity
            Economic Changes
          3. Maryland-Specific
              1. IWPR Study
                Key Findings
              2. MCHR Reports
      2. Consequences
        Literature Analysis - Actions that may lead to the elimination and prevention of disparities
  5. Commission Recommendations 
  6. Bibliography 
  7. Appendices

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