Division of Labor and Industry


Job Site Safety and Laws


Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH)
MOSH works to ensure that every working man and woman in the State of Maryland has safe and healthful working conditions. MOSH consist of traditional enforcement, outreach and education, and free consultation services.

Safety Inspection

  • Amusement Ride Safety All amusement rides or attractions in the State of Maryland must have a certificate of inspection before being allowed to operate.
  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety This unit inspects boilers and pressure vessels used in commercial establishments, places of public gathering, and apartment buildings with six or more units.
  • Elevator Safety This unit is responsible for the inspection and certification of elevators, dumbwaiters, escalators, and moving walks throughout Maryland.
  • Railroad Safety This unit conducts inspections to ensure enforcement of State and federal railroad safety requirements.

Emergency Phone Numbers

Occupational accident or fatality

Elevator accident
(410) 767-7233

Escalator accident
(410) 767-2990

Amusement ride accident - (410) 767-2990

Boiler or pressure vessel accident
(410) 767-2990

Railroad accident
(410) 767-2990