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Apply for an Original Firm Permit - Professional Engineers

Apply for Original Corporate/Partnership/LLC/LLP Permit online

Supporting documents to be filed with an Original Corporate/Partnership/LLC/LLP Permit application:

Please note:

  1. Business entities other than sole proprietorships that offer engineering services in the State of Maryland must hold a firm permit issued by the Maryland Board. The permit is good for two years. Firms will be required to designate a Maryland professional engineer in good standing to be the managing agent for the entity. The managing agent shall be:
    • In a position to act on behalf of the corporation, partnership, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership in matters related to the practice of or the offering of the practice of engineering; and
    • An employee, an owner, a director, an officer, a member, or a partner, as applicable, of the entity seeking a permit.
  2. All firms, except a partnership, must provide evidence of the business' Good Standing status with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT). Evidence may be provided by printing a results screen from SDAT's Maryland Business Express database. Once the business entity is located through the search, click on the "View Business Details" link. Print that window, and send it to the Board. There is no fee due to SDAT for printing the window.

Permit Period: Two-year period from the date of issuance.