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The term "Apprentice" applies to a person who is learning the trade under the direction and control of a Licensed Master Plumber/Gas Fitter or a licensed Master Natural Gas Fitter. If you have any question concerning this application, please contact the Board secretary at 410-230-6164.

This registration is for purposes of the State Board of Plumbing only; it does not exempt you from the registration requirements of the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council of the Department of Labor when applicable.

Further, this license does not permit you to be considered an apprentice for purposes of certified payrolls for applicable State and Federal contract work. In order to be considered for this purpose, you must be registered with the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council of the Department of Labor, Division of Labor and Industry, 1100 N. Eutaw St, Room 606, Baltimore, MD 21201-2272.

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You may, if you so choose, use the same email address in both fields presently designated for “Business Email Address” and “Personal Email Address”. However, please note that your business address may be released upon the request from a third party. Your personal email address will only be used for the purposes of communications from LABOR. In addition, if you wish to omit your business email address from the lists of licensees that from time-to-time LABOR makes available to third parties, you must notify us in writing or you can opt out by leaving your business email address blank. You may send your Opt-out notice to

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