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Significant Appraisal Assistance - Real Estate Appraisers, Appraisal Management Companies and Home Inspectors

According to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice ("USPAP"), when a signing appraiser(s) has relied upon work done by appraisers and others who do not sign the certification of a report, the signing appraiser is responsible for the decision to rely on their work. The signing appraiser(s) is required to have a reasonable basis for believing that those individuals performing the work are competent. The signing appraiser(s) also must have no reason to doubt the work of those individuals is credible. The names of individuals providing significant real property appraisal assistance who do not sign a certification must be stated in the certification. It is not required that the description of their assistance be contained in the certification, but disclosure of their assistance is required in accordance with Standards Rule 2-2(a), (b), or (c)(vii), as applicable.

The Commission cannot grant experience hours for appraisal assignments in which the trainee is not properly acknowledged in the report. If significant appraisal assistance is not provided in accordance with USPAP, then the assistance must be reported in accordance with Option One or Option Two, which are two Commission-approved reporting options. By completing Option One or Option Two and making it part of the appraisal report submitted to the client, the trainee and supervisory appraiser have met applicable USPAP requirements for acknowledgement and disclosure of significant appraisal assistance.

Option One

The supervisory appraiser will provide an addendum within the report that specifically addresses the significant appraisal assistance. The addendum names the person providing the assistance, describes the extent of that assistance, and states the hours claimed in performing that assistance. It requires the signature of the supervisory appraiser and must be dated. The reference to this addendum must be located on page one of the report. The reference may be stated as simply as, "Please refer to the addendum regarding significant assistance in the preparation of this report."

The addendum

Option Two

The appraisal report for which the trainee/licensee is seeking work experience credit must have a statement similar to the declaration provided in the sample of the attached document. This statement provides the name of the licensee, the description of the assistance provided, and the hours claimed in performing that assistance.

The instructions for placement of that statement are included on the attached document.