Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation


COMAR Emergency Regulation - Foreclosure Procedures for Residential Property Amend C. - Filing Electronic Notice of Intent to Foreclose - Advisory Notice


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December 15, 2010


On November 22, 2010 an amendment to COMAR was approved by the Joint Committee on Administrative Executive Legislative Review (AELR). As amended, COMAR authorizes the Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation ("Commissioner") to require that copies of Notices of Intent to Foreclose (NOI) be submitted to the Commissioner electronically. COMAR's effective date is November 26, 2010.

The purpose of this advisory is to provide guidance on the implementation of the electronic NOI submission entry system under amended COMAR

Registration to File the NOI with the Commissioner
Effective January 15, 2011, any person required to provide a copy of the NOI to the Commissioner must meet that requirement by making an electronic submission via the Commissioner's Notice of Intent to Foreclose Electronic System.
The Notice of Intent to Foreclosure Electronic System ("system") will not be available until after December 15, 2010.

Steps to Use the Electronic Notice of Intent Foreclosure Entry System

  1. Registration and Log In - Persons required to provide a copy of the NOI to the Commissioner must first register. Registration is required for all users. If users registered in the test system or before an announcement of the system becoming active, they will need to register again. Also, if an organization has more than one user, each user will need to register to obtain a unique username and password.
    This can be done on our website. Detailed instructions will be provided in the system.
  2. After successful registration and Log In, users will have the option to either manually enter all applicable fields or use the bulk submission feature, after obtaining permission to do so. The list below is the type of data submissions:
    • NOI Data Entry (LINK) - Enter the information required for a single NOI manually for each field as required. Options for mortgage and non-mortgage type NOIs are provided.
    • NOI Bulk Submit (LINK) - Upload multiple NOIs in one file. These Bulk NOI Files are limited to .TXT files and size is limited to 4MB. Information and instructions are provided within the NOI Bulk Submit section of the system.

Timely Submission of NOI to the Commissioner
It is imperative for timely submission of NOIs to the Commissioner. NOIs should be submitted to the Commissioner within 5 days of being mailed to the homeowner.

For questions, please contact Cara Stretch, 410-230-6099, Director of Foreclosure Outreach, Maryland Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation.