DLLR's Division of Unemployment Insurance


Voice Mail Not Working in State Offices in Baltimore City

The primary voice mail system supporting State offices located in Baltimore City is currently not working. Until a solution can be implemented, the following services will be impacted:

  • Unemployment Insurance extensions answered with an automated message will ring with no answer.
  • Individual extensions with voice mail will ring until answered or the caller hangs up.
  • Individuals supported by the Baltimore voice mail system are not able to retrieve any voice message previously recorded.

If you are trying to reach an individual in the Division of Unemployment Insurance by phone and your phone call is not being answered, we suggest that you contact us by email at ui@dllr.state.md.us until the issue is resolved. We understand the impact this may have on you. The Department of Information Technology (DoIT) technicians are making every effort to expedite the installation of a new voice mail system.

Thank you for your patience. We apologize for the inconvenience.


David McGlone,
Assistant Secretary

Unemployment insurance provides benefits to persons who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are ready, willing and able to work, and actively seeking work.

The Division of Unemployment Insurance is committed to providing quality, accurate, courteous and dependable service to claimants and employers in a secure and confidential environment that demands accountability, integrity and fairness.

La División de Seguro de Desempleo provee sustitutos temporarios y parciales para los sueldos de individuos desempleados á no propia falta y que estan disponibles para trabajar mientras buscar trabajo. Más en español


Employer Information:
Baltimore area 410 - 949 - 0033
Toll free within the US
1- 800 - 492 - 5524

MD Unemployment Insurance Tax
Report Misclassification of Workers
410 - 767-2170
Toll free: 1- 800 - 492 - 5524
e-mail: Field Investigation

MD Unemployment Insurance Tax
MVA License Renewal
410 - 767 - 2699
Toll free: 1- 800 - 492 - 5524

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Claimant Information:
Baltimore area & out of state -
410 - 949 - 0022
Toll free inside MD -
1 - 800 - 827 - 4839
For Hearing Impaired Only:
TTY Baltimore area & out of state
410 - 767 - 2727
TTY Toll free inside MD
1 - 800 - 827 - 4400
For Maryland Relay dial 711

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Stop Unemployment Insurance Fraud
Report Unemployment Insurance Fraud