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Forms and Fees - Home Improvement Commission

MHIC Forms


Fees are set by Law and Regulation and are subject to change with public notice given.

Guaranty Fund Assessments
The Guaranty Fund is paid for through contractors' assessments. Each contractor pays $100 into the Fund when applying for a new license. Upon renewal, the assessment fee per contractor is $150 every two years.

Licensing Fees

Original License (2 year period)  

Renewal License  (2 year period) 

  • Contractor
    $250 Application Fee
    $250 Per Each Additional Company Location
    $125 Guaranty Fund Assessment
      § 8-303. Applications for licenses (d) (2)
  • Salesperson
    $100 Application Fee

Inactive License  (2 year period)  

  • Contractor                                                      
    $112.50 Change of Status Fee
    $ 50   Application Fee
    $135   Reactivation Fee
  • Salesperson
    $   37.50  Change of Status Fee
    $   50   Application
    $   10   Reactivation Fee

Continuous Inactive Status (2 year period)

  • Contractor
    $112.50  Continuation of Inactive Status
  • Salesperson
    $   37.50  Continuation of Inactive Status

Miscellaneous Fees

Copying and Mailing Regulation Fees   

Letter Under Seal

The Commission shall collect a fee of $ 1 for certifying under seal the licensing status of a person.

Photocopying  Fee

  • (1) Copies. The fee for each copy is 25 cents per page if reproduction is made by a photocopying machine within the Department. If records are not susceptible to photocopying the fee for copies will be based on the actual cost of reproduction.
  • (2) Certification of Copies.  If a person requests that a copy of a record be certified as a true copy, an additional fee of $1 shall be charged.
  • (3) Minimum Fee Charged.  A charge will not be made if the total amount of the fee would be $1 or less.