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Introduction, General Information, and What Penalties May Be Applied - Lower Appeals

General Process: Both claimants and employers can appeal an unfavorable unemployment insurance benefit determination to the Lower Appeals Division. A claimant who has been denied benefits may file an appeal of that denial, and an employer may appeal a determination granting benefits to a former employee.

After an appeal is filed, a telephonic hearing will be held by a hearing examiner at which all parties have a right to participate. The hearing examiner will then issue a written decision that will be mailed to the parties within a few weeks after the hearing is held. Hearing examiners cannot issue oral decisions. Any party may then request a further appeal from this decision to the Board of Appeals.

Which employers may be involved when a claimant files for unemployment benefits?
Many people are under the mistaken impression that they are only filing for unemployment insurance against their most recent employer. Simply put, this is not necessarily true. There are some circumstances where the agency needs to consider employment that took place years before the claimant opened his/her claim for benefits. Therefore, a hearing may be scheduled between a claimant and any of his/her former employers if that hearing could theoretically impact the claimant’s eligibility to receive benefits. If you have any questions concerning why a particular employer is involved in a particular case, please direct those to the agency.

What does it mean to be disqualified or penalized? What can cause a disqualification? A fully explained answer is provided in the Unemployment Insurance frequently asked questions.

I have some questions about the basic unemployment insurance process. Where can I find those answers? You can find answers to most basic unemployment questions in the Unemployment Insurance frequently asked questions.

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