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Unemployment Insurance Board of Appeals - Maryland Department of Labor

The Board suggests that you file an appeal to the Board of Appeals using your BEACON Portal. 

An appeal to the Board of Appeals can also be forwarded via e-mail at

The Board is unable to respond via email to any party due to procedural rules; so if you have a specific question about an appeal you can contact the Board of appeals at 410-767-2781.

DO NOT attempt to contact the Board, its members, attorneys or staff by any other e-mail address or phone number as such contact is prohibited and could compromise your case.

How to file an Appeal to from a Lower Appeal Decision to the Board of Appeals

Claimants and Employers
Log into your BEACON Portal and search for the Lower Appeals Decision in your correspondence.   Click the “File Appeal” link. The File Appeal wizard will walk you through the steps.

Claimant Portal
Employer Portal

Third Party Agents representing a Maryland Employers
If you are an agent that has the authorization from a Maryland employer to file an Appeal on their behalf, you can visit your Agent account and search for the employer. The click on the Employer’s account ID and you can file an Appeal from the Employer’s account by searching for the Lower Appeals Decision in the Employer’s correspondence. Click the “File Appeal” link. The File Appeal wizard will walk you through the steps.

Third Party Agent
Agent Portal

Representatives of Claimant or Employer, and Out-of State Employers
Use the following link to enter BEACON in order to file an appeal on behalf of the party you are representing. The wizard will walk you through the steps to file an appeal. If you have already used this link before and created an account, please click on the Login to my Account link

Representatives of Claimant or Employer, and Out-of State Employers
Representative / Out of State Employer


Claimants, Employers, and Representatives How to File a Board Appeal without Using Beacon

The appeals can be filed via email.  The Board will accept e-mail appeals ONLY through the following e-mail address:  A request for an appeal must include:

  1. The Claimant’s name as it appears on the Lower Appeals Division Decision;
  2. The Claimant’s social security number and/or the Lower Appeals Division Appeal Number;
  3. A telephone number where you can be reached; and
  4. A brief statement of why you disagree with the Lower Appeals Division Decision being appealed.
  5. You will receive a letter in the mail notifying you of receipt of your appeal to the Board and explaining your rights and responsibilities as it relates to the appeal.

A claimant for unemployment insurance who has been denied benefits at the Lower Appeals Division may file an appeal of that Decision to the Board of Appeals.  Likewise, an employer may appeal a Decision granting benefits to a former employee.  The appeal must be filed in writing and must be filed by mail, fax or by e-mail, as explained above, within 15 calendar days from the date of the Lower Appeals Division Decision.  The address to file your appeal is:

Board of Appeals
2800 W. Patapsco Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21230
Telephone: 410-767-2781
Fax: 410-767-2787
E-mail Address:

The last date to file an appeal as well as the address to which the appeal should be directed is printed at the end of the Lower Appeals Division Decision.  If you are filing by mail or by fax, your name must be legibly printed and your signature must be included on the request for appeal. 

If an appeal is filed, the Board will determine if the appeal is a “Petition for Review” or an exercise of the “Right of Further Appeal.”  In either case the Board will review the appeal and issue a written Decision.  Under certain, limited circumstances the Board may hold a Board Hearing or assign the matter to a Special Examiner for a hearing.  The Board’s Decisions are appealable by a claimant, an employer or the Department of Labor to Circuit Court.

For information concerning an appeal to the Board of Appeals, please contact 410-767-2781.