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Transcript of MOSH Agency Overview Video - MOSH Training and Education

Spokesperson VO: Maryland has some of the best businesses and industries in the United States and our job is to help maintain the safety and health of Maryland workers and their employers.

Spokesperson VO: Maryland Occupational Safety and Health offers a number of services to help employers and their employees to promote and assure workplace safety and health to enhance the quality of life of working men and women and the economic vitality of the state of Maryland.*

Spokesperson VO: As part of the Maryland Division of Labor and Industry our role falls into three main categories: enforcement of safety and health regulations in the workplace, free seminars and awareness education on how to avoid workplace hazards, free consultation services for employers.

Spokesperson VO: In addition to our training, education and consultation services, Maryland Occupational Safety and Health is also responsible for enforcing safety and health regulations that ensure employees, throughout the state of Maryland, are provided a safe and healthful workplace.

*Spokesperson VO: Trained safety inspectors and industrial hygienists conduct unannounced on-site inspections to identify hazardous conditions and secure their timely correction.

Spokesperson VO: The first inspection priority is imminent danger conditions, followed by the investigation of a fatality or catastrophe. Employers are required to report these accidents to Maryland Occupational Safety and Health within 8 hours. The next priority is serious accidents and valid employee complaints followed by targeted industry inspections of high hazard industries, and finally, general scheduled inspections.

Spokesperson VO: Violations may result in the imposition of civil penalties for serious hazards. When warranted, cases are referred to the State's Attorney for possible criminal prosecution. However, it should be noted that many workplace safety violations can be avoided by using the education and consultation services offered by Maryland Occupational Safety and Health.

Spokesperson VO: Maryland Occupational Safety and Health offers seminars and awareness education to Maryland employees and employers. In addition to free seminars, publications and speakers across the state, training courses are offered throughout the year at our training center in Hunt Valley and other convenient locations throughout the state.

Spokesperson VO: Each seminar and training education class provides awareness and skill sets on a specific safety and health topic. Some of the classes we offer include construction site safety, respiratory protection, personal protective equipment, excavation safety, fall protection, emergency response and disaster preparedness, and how to avoid heat stress in those hot summer months with many more topics to choose from. The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health website and calendar lists these courses and their locations.

Spokesperson VO: Experts in various fields teach Seminars and classes and the benefits of free training and education multiply as information obtained from the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health team is passed onto employees throughout your business to further enhance workplace safety. Safe employees provide a solid foundation for a successful business.

Spokesperson VO: A free Maryland Occupational Safety and Health consultation survey can help you create a safer and healthier workplace and improve your bottom line.

VO: Here is how the consultation survey works. First, the employer contacts us and defines the scope of the survey at a time that is convenient for your business. You choose what you want us to survey and you pick the time.

Spokesperson VO: Once we are on site there is an opening conference, followed by a survey and a closing conference. Once the survey begins you can increase or narrow the scope of the survey. If you want us to consult on more areas of your business we will. Or, if you change your mind the consultation survey stops immediately. You can also ask questions during the survey.

Spokesperson VO: After the survey is complete we go over every identified hazard with you in our closing conference. We will also show you how to fix hazards and to avoid any potential injury that may occur. Your only obligation for this free service is to remedy identified hazards from the survey in a reasonable amount of time.

Spokesperson VO: For further information on all the services we provide please visit our website.

Spokesperson VO: Every employer and employee in the State recognizes that occupational safety and health adds value to American businesses, workplaces and workers' lives. Let the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health team work for you.

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