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Apply for an Original Salon Permit - Cosmetologists

All fees are nonrefundable.

Please note:

  1. DO NOT APPLY, if your establishment is not ready to open.
  2. If you are relocating to a new building/address/suite, or a new owner will be taking over, you must complete a new shop application.
  3. If you intend to open a home-based salon, the salon must be separate from your living quarters and have a separate bathroom and a separate entrance. All other requirements apply to both residential and commercial locations.
  4. Obtain Proof of Zoning documentation for the exact location of the salon/shop from your local zoning board. THE DOCUMENTATION YOU PROVIDE FROM YOUR LOCAL ZONING BOARD MUST INDICATE THE APPROVED USE OF THE ADDRESS FOR COSMETOLOGY-RELATED SERVICES. We cannot process your application until this documentation is provided. You may also use an existing U&O for the specific address. (Ex: The address was zoned for a salon/shop from a previously existing business at the same exact address.)
  5. For faster service, e-mail with the required documents attached. When sending this information please be sure to include the salon's name, the owner's name, the full address of the salon, and contact information (e-mail address and phone number) for the individual handling the application and inspection process for the salon. Applications will be denied if the Use and Occupancy or any required documentation is not received by the Board within 30 days of the application date.
  6. Documentation is required by the owner to read, sign, date, and return, and will be forwarded to the email address that has been provided on the application. To ensure a process without delay, please be certain to include the owner's email address and phone number on the application.
  7. Once we receive the completed documents, a Temporary License will be forwarded via email (this document permits the salon/shop to begin operating until the inspection is conducted).

The following is a general list of the items we will look for during your new shop inspection:

  • [  ] The Board’s Laws and Regulations posted in plain view
    • (Note: A copy will be provided at the time of your inspection)
    • [  ] Business signage for the salon/shop - visible and apparent from the exterior
    • [  ] Salon/Shop station(s) are set up and ready for business
    • [  ] Shop environment is well-lit, heated, ventilated and sanitary
    • [  ] All staff licenses are posted visibly at individual stations with photos affixed
    • [  ] Restroom facilities are sanitary and well equipped
    • [  ] Implements (all tools/brushes/combs/files) are sanitary and properly stored
    • [  ] Clean towel storage is an enclosed receptacle
    • [  ] Soiled towel storage container present
    • [  ] EPA registered disinfectant solution in use (placement at each station is highly recommended)
    • [  ] Equipment in appropriate operational and sanitary condition
    • [  ] All containers are covered (ie: wax pots, hair products, manicure/pedicure products, etc.)
    • [  ] Hot & cold running water is available

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call us at 410-230-6190.

License Period: Two-year period from the date of issuance.