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Continuing Education Requirements (Number of Hours and Course Content Required) - Professional Engineers


  • A. A licensee shall complete at least 24 PDH units during each reporting period with a:

    (1) Minimum of 18 PDH units in Category A programs, including a minimum of 1 PDH unit in content areas related to the standards of practice or care, laws and regulations applicable to the practice of engineering in Maryland, or professional engineering ethics; and

    (2) Maximum of 6 PDH units in Category B programs.

    B. A maximum of 12 PDH units earned in excess of 24 PDH units that are required for a license renewal during the licensing term can be carried forward to apply as credit toward the next individual licensing term.

  • Category A topics focus on technical, research, analytical or design aspects of engineering; laws and regulations related to the practice of engineering in Maryland; engineering-related computer hardware or software; standards of practice or care; professional engineering ethics; project management, risk assessment and management, or emergency and disaster management or similar topics intended to maintain and enhance the knowledge and skills related to the practice of engineering. Category B topics relate to business or government administration or the development of traits, skills or behavioral patterns geared towards improved communications skills, oral and written skills, personal management skills or other similar programs which contain a clear purpose of improving a licensee's methods of practice or operations or advancing professionally related skills and practices as applicable to the practice of engineering.
  • Licensees renewing for the first time after receiving their initial license are exempt.

Renewing engineers should download the CPC Reporting Form (Word) for use in maintaining your records. The records must be maintained for at least four years from the date of completion of the qualifying program. An Assessment Form (Word) should be used when (1) a course provider does not supply a PDH form or a record of an outcome measure, or (2) an activity is offered by a provider described in .08 B(2) of the Regulations.


View the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR).