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Exams and Tests - Athletic Commission

  • Exams and Tests Drug Testing
    • On January 17, 2024, the Maryland State Athletic Commission met in open session and voted unanimously to raise the threshold of 150 Nanograms per milliliter for a THC positive result from the previously set threshold of 50 Nanograms per milliliter. This new threshold will be in force for all events scheduled after January 18, 2024.
  • Medical Examinations
    • Annual Physical Exam
    • Neurological Exam
    • Ophthalmological Exam
    • HIV Testing
    • Hepatitis B Testing
    • Hepatitis C Testing
    • Event Examination and Testing
  • How to Request Boxers' and MMA Contestants' Medical Tests and Exams – Procedures recommended and approved by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC).