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Employers and Third Party Agents Account Activation

The Maryland Division of Unemployment Insurance (“DUI”) is excited to announce that Employers and Agents can now activate their accounts and set up their user IDs and passwords on DUI’s new system, Reemployment BEACON (“BEACON”) before BEACON goes live on Monday, September 21. The new BEACON system will fully integrate all DUI functions and will create a customer web portal that will allow employers and third party agents to access and manage their DUI employer accounts.

Please note that Employers and Agents will not be able to file wage reports or make payments in BEACON until BEACON goes live in late September 2020. Until BEACON goes live, you must continue to file wage reports and make payments as you currently do. Please see our updated FAQs for additional information regarding BEACON.

Employers Agents
Activate Employer Account Activate Agent Account

Employers and Agents should continue to file their wage reports using their current process. The new file formats will ONLY be accepted after the new BEACON system goes live.

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Employers and Third Party Agents
Testing has begun for Wage File Submission

Testing prior to system implementation is recommended but not required.

If you currently file your wage reports by entering employee and wage information directly into the current system, you will continue to be able to do so in the new system. You do not need to use one of the four new file formats.


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Instructions for Employers
Updated: 4/24/2019

Sample Files:

Download: Instructions for SFTP Access
You will need proper credentials if you plan to submit wage files by FTP in BEACON. Please e-mail with “FTP Wages” as the subject of the e-mail so that the proper production credentials can be created and provided to you for your FTP wage filings.

Download: Payment Allocation File Specifications
Sample File: MD Payment Allocation Sample File (CSV)

Download: Power of Attorney Bulk Submission Procedures (for Agents only)
Sample File: MD POA Bulk File Submission (Excel)
Power of Attorney/Authorization Form

Download: Employer-Agent ACH Credit File for Payments

Many of your questions may be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you don’t find you question answered, you may e-mail your question to