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State Specific Exams - Professional Land Surveyors

In order to become a licensed land surveyor in the State of Maryland, the following two exams are required in most cases, in addition to the Fundamentals of Surveying and/or Principles and Practice of Surveying exam, depending under which option you apply.

Maryland Law and Ethics Exam

The Maryland Law and Ethics exam is an open book exam with 60 multiple choice questions on Maryland Law and Regulations. It is a two-hour exam. A calculator may be required. The NCEES calculator policy applies. The Land Surveyors law and regulations can be accessed via our website.

Exceptions - You do not have to take the Maryland law exam if you are applying for licensure by reciprocity and were licensed in another state before October 1987 or if you hold a current property line license.

Storm Drain and Road Grade Exam

The Road Grade and Storm Drain Exam is an open book exam encompassing principles and practices problem solving. It is a four-hour exam. A calculator is required. The NCEES calculator policy applies.

Exceptions - You do not have to take the Storm Drain and Road Grade Exam if you are currently licensed as a professional engineer in Maryland or another state.

Application Process

For first time applicants, your approval letter will inform you which exams you need to take and how to apply.

The State specific examinations are being held at the Board Office, located at 500 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. These examinations are by appointment only. Please contact the Board for an appointment. The Board is now accepting appointments for dates after October 2016. Please contact the Board at 410-230-6264 to schedule an appointment to sit for the State specific examinations.

Re-examinees must apply online. Examinees who fail an examination will receive a track number and instructions along with their results letter. The fee for re-examination is the total of the exam fee(s) plus the $60 test administration fee.