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Continuing Professional Education (CPE) - Maryland Board of Individual Tax Preparers


The Board of Individual Tax Preparers requires registered tax preparers to complete, upon renewal (every two years), at least 16 hours of continuing education. The regulations for CPE have been adopted and can be found at COMAR 09.38.02. Four of the 16 hours must be in Maryland state tax-related subjects. Two of the four Maryland hours may be satisfied by a federal or state course in ethics.

Qualifying Continuing Education Programs

Approved IRS Continuing Education
IRS Approved Sponsor Page

Approved MSATP Continuing Education
Approved MSATP Courses
Maryland Income Tax Update
Maryland Exam Prep Course

If you are chosen for audit…

The following is a link to the CPE Audit Checklist, which can be used to keep a record and a running total of CPE hours if you are chosen for audit. Upon renewal, the "total hours earned" should equal at least 16. If asked by the Board to submit proof of CPE hours, this Checklist should be certified with your signature and submitted with course documentation.

Continuing Professional Education Audit Checklist (Excel document, 58KB, download Excel viewer for free)