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Notice-Additional Training Benefits (ATB) - Unemployment Insurance

Under the additional training benefits program (ATB), you may be eligible for up to 26 weeks of additional unemployment insurance (UI) benefits. Your ATB weekly benefit payment will be the same as your regular weekly benefit amount. ATB benefits may be paid over a two-year period (determined by the effective date of your initial claim for UI benefits). You may be entitled to ATB benefits if:

  1. You are unemployed.
  2. You have exhausted all rights to UI benefits under both federal and state law.
  3. Your initial UI claim was due to  
    • a job separation from a declining occupation; or,
    • an involuntary and indefinite separation from employment as a result of a permanent reduction of operations.

  4. You are enrolled in a training program approved by the Secretary or in a job training program authorized by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) substituted for Workforce Investment Act of 1998, as amended, that will lead to employment in an occupation that is in demand.
  5. You enrolled in the training program before the end of your benefit year (for the UI claim that you established after separating from employment). To learn more about your benefit year, see the Definitions webpage.
  6. You are not receiving similar stipends or other allowances for non-training costs.

These benefits cannot be paid unless, in addition to the requirements listed above, the training is approved (by the Secretary under Section 8-903 of the Maryland UI law and Section of the Code of Maryland Regulations). Maryland UI law Section 8-812, additional training benefits became effective March 1, 2011.

Approved training is determined, in part, by the following criteria:

  1. The training is supported by the WIOA.
  2. The training is full time (unless supported by WIOA).
  3. The training will prepare you for employment in an in-demand occupation.

If you think you meet the requirements for ATB and would like to apply, please e-mail the Reemployment and Trade Unit at Type "Interested in Applying for ATB" in the subject line of your e-mail. A staff member will contact you with further details.

When contacting the Reemployment and Trade Unit to apply for ATB benefits, you will be asked to provide information about:

  • the job you held before separating from employment; and,
  • information about the training/school you are attending (facility name and address, the type of training you are receiving, and the start and end dates of the training).

After you provide this information, a determination will be made about your eligibility for ATB benefits. If you are eligible, you must provide the Reemployment and Trade Unit with training attendance forms for each week that you request ATB benefit payments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not contact a UI claim center or attempt to file for ATB benefits online. You must contact the Reemployment and Trade Unit to apply.