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Prudent Investor Election - Financial Regulation

Pursuant to Md. Code Ann., Estates and Trust §15-114(g) certain fiduciaries may file a prudent investor election statement (“Statement”) with the Maryland Department of Labor’s Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation (“OCFR”), electing ET §15-114 to apply to all fiduciary assets controlled by that person.   

A Statement in the form of a signed letter may be submitted as a PDF attachment by email to noting “Prudent Investor Election Statement” in the subject line.  Statements may also be submitted by mail to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation, Attn: Prudent Investor, 500 N. Calvert Street, Suite 402, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.  In addition to the affirmative election of ET §15-114, the Statement should include, as applicable: the name of the institution or firm, the fiduciary’s name, and appropriate contact information.  The OCFR recommends that the Statement and any correspondence or attachments submitted therewith not include confidential or other sensitive information unless required to comply with applicable laws and/or regulations or otherwise deemed appropriate by the fiduciary filing the Statement.

Fiduciaries who desire to file a Statement should carefully review applicable Maryland law.  Fiduciaries having questions on issues such as whether they possess the right to file a Statement and how filing a Statement may alter their legal obligations with respect to fiduciary assets they control should seek professional guidance.  General questions concerning the filing of a Statement with the OCFR may be directed to 410-230-6100. 

A list of fiduciaries who have filed a Statement with the OCFR is provided below.  The OCFR updates this list on a monthly basis.

Statements and any correspondence or attachments submitted therewith are generally records subject to the Maryland Public Information Act.  Any person seeking a record from the OCFR may submit a Maryland Public Information Act request to the OCFR by either email to or by mail to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation, 500 N. Calvert Street, Suite 402, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.  The OCFR may charge a reasonable fee and/or its actual costs in producing such a record.


Fiduciary Name Document Date
Account No. 2-565 Salomon Smith Barney 6/5/2001
Account No. 9-565 Salomon Smith Barney 6/5/2001
Account No. 12-302 Salomon Smith Barney 6/4/2002
Account No. 7-786 Smith Barney 3/25/2004
Account No. 10752 Citigroup Global Markets 8/13/2004
Account No. 16-502 Smith Barney 10/19/2004
Account No. 11-508 Smith Barney 10/25/2004
Account No. 16-320 Citigroup Global Markets 7/25/2005
Account No. 11-155 Citigroup Global Markets 4/27/2006
Account No. 04665 Citigroup Global Markets 10/30/2006
Account No. 04661 Citigroup Global Markets 10/30/2006
Account No. 559-12 Smith Barney 2/1/2008
Account No. 1155C Smith Barney 9/11/2009
Account No. 1158C Smith Barney 9/16/2009
Account No. 1156C Smith Barney 9/16/2009
Abell, W. Sheppardson 2/20/2001
Abell, W. Sheppardson 12/26/2012
Adams, Richard T 8/1/2008
Albrecht, Douglas H 7/17/2006
Allen, Carrie Lee 8/5/2020
Alpert, Andrew 12/19/2002
Altman, Gary 8/10/2012
Amalfitano, Maria 7/3/2001
Anstey, Mark M. 11/8/2000
Arbit, Terry S. 1/14/2011
Baldino, Brett F.  10/17/2019
Bayless, Amanda C. 10/24/2008
Bell, Donna 5/28/2002
Beres, William P., Jr. 11/2/2000
Bernstein, Aaron 9/6/008
Bernstein, Jonathon 1/17/2002
Biddison, Susan H. 1/29/2007
Blaustein, Mary Jane 5/2/2007
Bliss, Edward P. 12/5/2005
Bowers, Larry A. 9/5/2008
Boylaiz, A. Patrick 3/25/2010
Brooks, Joseph A. 2/14/2000
Brown, George 4/5/2007
Brown, Jeremy Earle 3/11/2002
Brown, Nanci S 2/6/2006
Brown, Stuart D. 4/24/2001
Burch, Richard C. 6/17/2005
Burch, Richard C. 3/27/2008
Campbell, Frank 10/1/2012
Campbell, Julia B. 5/31/2011
Cantin, Mary J.  4/6/2000
Cantor, Amy J. 12/16/2004
Carpenter, Robert  7/15/2010
Core, Eric M. 12/15/2005
Coyne, Mary Beth 2/29/2004
Cronin, Alice W. 12/22/1999
Cruttenden, Danielle M. 1/30/2014
Cruttenden, Danielle M. 2/5/2014
Dagurt, Sheldon G. 8/23/1999
Daniels, Mark H. 1/26/2002
De Stefano, Gina M. 8/23/1999
DeGraba, Susanna G. 9/5/2008
Dinn, Irwin J. 6/17/2009
Dolina, Anna M. 9/25/2002
Doody, Robert J. 9/5/2008
Edwards, Peter 1/12/2001
Ellingsworth, Richard 5/28/2003
Ellison, S. Ronald 8/23/1999
Farrell, Kathryn Ann 3/10/2009
Fee, Edwin G 11/15/2000
Feldman, Charles J. 9/8/2015
Fidis, Marcia C. 10/28/2002
Foran, Louis J. 11/12/2007
Ford, David A. 7/11/2016
Garten, Alan F.M. 8/23/1999
Garten, Herbert S. 8/23/1999
Garten, Lawrence M. 8/23/1999
Garten, Morris L. 8/23/1999
Ginsberg, Yale M. 11/13/2012
Ginsberg, Yale M. 8/17/2016
Gladstone, Leslie L. 4/22/2015
Glick, Susan M. 5/19/2009
Goldman Sacks Trust 8/30/2010
Goodman, Ann Karwacki 12/8/2000
Gordon, Jennifer J. 2/26/2001
Gordon, Solvin W. 2/14/2002
Gorgie, Betsy 9/1/2008
Grogg, Sheryl 3/4/2015
Gustafson, Cari Howlin 8/1/2016
Heddleson, Linda K. 6/10/2002
Henninger, Laura L. 1/25/2007
Hill, Susan 1/21/2010
Horne, Robert M. 6/25/2020
Howlin, Holly  7/11/2016
Hunt, John 12/6/2000
Jack, Michael J. 8/23/1999
Jeffries, Mervyn 4/11/2000
Jenkins, Alfreda F. 5/19/2005
Judd, Reena G.W. 8/25/2008
Kallina, Emanuel J., II 7/10/2012
Katcef, William M. 8/1/2000
Keidan, Gene Fiaccone 5/25/2012
Kelly, Marlene 4/15/2004
Koepke, Kathleen M. 2/11/2000
Kovens, Edward B. 5/10/2000
Krame, Evan J. 4/19/2012
Krauthamer, Harold 4/23/2015
La Barbera, Jennifer 6/30/2008
Ladensohn, David A. 1/22/2008
Lalumia, Matthew P. 7/17/2002
Lalumia, Matthew P. 7/20/2015
Lamm, Jason 7/11/2008
Lehr, Michael E. 7/8/2013
Lemon, Robert E. 2/13/2002
Leonard, Garrett F. 2/7/2009
Levine, Andrew 8/8/2000
Levy, Timothy J. 7/15/2007
Liu, Helen 3/3/2009
Lohr, Walter G. Jr 11/21/2008
Macuilla, Marybeth 6/6/2000
Mayberry, Pamela E. 2/14/2003
Mayer, Andrew C. 10/21/2016
Mayer, James L. 3/17/2016
Mering, Donald R. 4/12/2001
Mering, Donald R. 6/15/2004
Mering, Donald R. 10/25/2004
Mering, Donald R. 2/8/2005
Mering, Donald R. 3/18/2002
Merrill, Abel 3/19/2001
Merriman, Jack C, 1/4/2000
Morgan, Gerald D. 11/20/1999
Morsberger, Anita 6/27/2000
Moses, Jerold A. 8/23/1999
Muir, Kenneth K. 9/5/2008
Nash, Adam W. 1/20/2003
Nash, Caroline K. 10/28/2002
Noar, Mark 5/26/2006
Nolan, James J. 5/6/2015
Oakley, Larry C. 1/3/2011
O'Hare, Christopher 11/29/1999
Oring, Ira L. 8/23/1999
Ottinger, Marc 11/4/2004
Parsons, George R. Jr. 7/8/1999
Peterson, Gary B.  6/2/2003
Pettit, Rosser J. 3/6/2000
Pettit, Rosser J. 3/6/2000
Pettit, Rosser J. 12/19/2000
Pires, Lucia R. 10/20/2017
Plack, Martha 9/7/2007
Pope-Onwukwe, Karren 12/26/2010
Potter, James G. 6/13/2001
Randall, Terry L 3/21/2001
Rathman, Richard G. 4/12/2002
Robertson, Janet S. 5/25/2012
Roblyer, Michael R. 11/14/2012
Rodbell, Alice  11/17/2008
Rogers, Darryl S.  4/25/2006
Romanoff, Mark B. 9/9/2008
Rosenbaum, Susan 1/16/2001
Rosenberg, Henry  8/18/2008
Sall, Nancy 10/15/2008
Schonberger, Steven D 3/7/2000
Schrebler, Roland M. 8/23/1999
Scott, Jeffrey D. 9/18/2001
Segev, Giora 7/20/1999
Snyder, Andrew 8/11/2008
Sotomayor, Randy 1/9/2003
Spatz, Marshall C. 9/5/2008
Spector, Harry G.  5/23/2007
Springs, Orlando W. 12/2/2005
Stanley, Jane Kheel 5/16/2000
Stanley, Jane Kheel 3/9/2007
Sims, Jane Frankel 5/9/2012
Tarbox, Lamont E. 9/5/2008
Taylor, Brian David 2/11/2004
Tucker, Jack 3/7/2008
Urban, Theodore W.  9/5/2008
Versteegen, Nicola 8/10/2008
Wainwright, Frank W. 11/20/2000
Weisse, Robin L 5/10/2012
Wen, Julia D. 11/1/2007
Whitehurst, Linda P. 6/13/2001
Whitehurst, William W., Jr. 8/10/2001
Wolff, Julia A. 4/7/2000
Willis, Lawrence W. 5/5/2000
Wunder, Paige A. 8/8/2008
Wilson, Neal J. 9/5/2008
Williams, Linda 8/19/2013
Wooden, Paul F. 12/16/2014