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Enforcement Actions - Financial Regulation

The Enforcement Unit is the investigatory and enforcement arm of the Office of Financial Regulation. The Enforcement Unit is authorized to conduct routine and special investigations under Maryland law to address violations of law, unlicensed financial services activity, predatory and illicit behavior, and other misconduct by regulated entities.

Enforcement Priorities

  • Cases with significant risk of consumer harm or that involve a violation of consumer rights laws in Maryland, and that provide the Office an opportunity to clarify or establish its position
  • Cases involving repeat offenders or having an indicia of recidivism
  • Investigations involving a significant number of Maryland consumers affected by a violation of Maryland law under the authority of the Office, which indicate a systemic issue with a regulated entity’s activities (either negligent or intentional)
  • Bank-fintech partnerships that violate Maryland’s usury laws
  • Redlining and violations of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, Fair Housing Act, and other anti-discrimination laws

To view enforcement actions, see the drop-down menu below. For help finding an enforcement action for a specific business or individual, use the Search bar at the top of the page (this will search all of the pages on the Maryland Dept. of Labor website).