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Trustee Schedule of Increased Rates - Financial Regulation

Pursuant to Md. Code Ann., Estates and Trust (“ET”) §14.5-708(g)(2)(ii), certain trustees may file a schedule of increased rates (”Schedule”) with the Maryland Department of Labor’s Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation (“OCFR”).  Trustees who file a Schedule with the OCFR may periodically change and revise the Schedule by filing changes and revisions with the OCFR.

A Schedule and signed cover letter may be submitted as PDF attachments by email to and should note; “Trustee Increased Rate Schedule” in the subject line.  The Schedule may also be submitted by mail to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation, Attn: Trustee Schedule, 500 N. Calvert Street, Suite 402, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.  In addition to rates and effective date, the Schedule should include, as applicable: name(s) of all Trustees covered by the Schedule, name of the institution or firm, and appropriate contact information.  The OCFR recommends that the Schedule and any correspondence or attachments submitted therewith not include confidential or other sensitive information unless required to comply with applicable laws and/or regulations or otherwise deemed appropriate by the trustee filing the Schedule.

A list of trustees who have filed Schedules with the OCFR is provided below.  The OCFR updates this list on a monthly basis.

Trustees who desire to file a Schedule should carefully review applicable Maryland law to determine whether they possess the right to file a Schedule and whether the law directs them to file the schedule with OCFR or another State agency.  Trustees having questions on issues such as their qualification to file a Schedule, fees they may charge in the absence of a filed Schedule or minimum/maximum fees legally allowed should seek professional guidance.  General questions concerning the filing of a Schedule with the OCFR may be directed to 410-230-6100. 

Schedules and any correspondence or attachments submitted therewith are generally a record subject to the Maryland Public Information Act.  Any person seeking a record from the OCFR may submit a Maryland Public Information Act request to the OCFR by either email to or by mail to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation, 500 N. Calvert Street, Suite 402, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.  The OCFR may charge a reasonable fee and/or its actual costs in producing such a record.


Name of Institution, Bank or Law Firm Document Date (most recent) Past Filing on Record
Abrams, Lawrence Law Office 12/17/2002  
A. G. Edwards Trust Company FSB 6/23/2005  
ACNB Bank 1/25/2018 yes
Advocacy Trust of Tennessee, LLC 4/13/2015  
Adashek, Lawrence D.  1/1/2021 yes
Adelberg, Rudow, Dorf & Hendler 11/16/2012  
Adler & Adler Attorneys at Law 1/8/1999  
Ain & Stein Law Office 12/8/2016  
Alkon Law, LLC 7/2/2014  
Allen, W. David, Attorney at Law 1/1/2019 yes
Allfirst Bank 3/6/2000  
Altman and Associates 7/19/2010  
Altman and Krame LLC 6/20/2002 yes
American Trust Bank 7/10/1995  
Atlantic Trust - Private Wealth Mgmt 8/23/2005 yes
Azrael, Franz, Schwab & Lipowitz, LLC 6/5/2018 yes
Bagley & Rhody, P.C. 1/27/2021 yes
Baker & Baker Law Office 3/23/1994  
Baker, Baker & Twomey Law Office 12/9/1999  
Baldwin, Kagan & Gormley Law Office 1/25/2015 yes
Bank of America 6/19/2018 yes
Barkley & Kennedy Law Office 2/20/2018  
Barkley, Tim Law Offices 4/14/2006  
Batoff, Steven I., Law Office 12/28/2012 yes
Batoff Associates, P.A.  1/6/2021 yes
Bauer, Harry 6/10/1998  
BB&T  9/26/2019 yes
Berger & Burns, LLC 6/20/2018  
Bernstein & Feldman Law Office 3/23/1994  
Bessemer Trust Company 8/14/2003 yes
Binstock, Torchinsky, Law Office 1/4/2007  
Birchstone Moore, LLC 1/14/2021 yes
Blanton, Edward L. Jr., Law Office 2/18/2004  
Blue, William F. and Alexander, John D. 12/31/1986  
Blue & Blue P.A. Attorneys at Law 11/25/2002  
Bobotek, H. Mark 12/29/2020
Bogin, Matthew B., Attorney at Law 2/7/2006 yes
Bowman, J. Darby Law Office 2/22/2016 yes
Boyd, Benson & Hendrickson Law Office 1/6/1999 yes
Bregel, Calvert Ross  4/13/1998  
Bridgeford, Clifford R.  11/1/1984  
Brown Investment Advisory & Trust Co. 4/5/2012 yes
Bryn Mawr Trust Company 7/28/2016  
Bruce & Upton Attorneys at Law 2/2/1994  
Bulman Dunie Burke & Feld 12/19/2018  
Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust Company 2/14/2005  
Burns, Harold H, Jr. Attorney at Law 12/20/1988  
Byrd & Byrd Attorneys at Law 4/16/2019 yes
Cambridge Trust Company 2/1/2011 yes
CapitalFirst Trust Company 5/2/2018  
Capital One, N.A. 1/16/2015  
Chase Manhattan Private Bank 4/9/2001 yes
Chesapeake Legal Counsel LLC 4/2/2020  
Chevy Chase Savings Bank 7/12/1989  
Chevy Chase Trust Company  10/5/2001  
Chlan, William Paul, Jr. Attorney at Law 4/15/2008 yes
Citigroup 12/17/2007  
Clark & Hough, LLC Attorneys at Law 1/18/2021 yes
Cohen, Irving P. 2/20/2017  
Comerica Bank & Trust National Association 7/19/2019 yes
Crestar 1/29/1999 yes
Daniels & Daniels 11/10/2020  
Davis, Henry 3/16/2010  
Davis, Richmond Law Office 3/9/2015  
Day, Michael G., Law Office 11/15/2011 yes
DeMoll Bridgeford Attorneys at Law 11/28/1984  
Deutsche Bank 1/5/2010 yes
Downs Law Firm 10/10/2014  
Dychala, Benjamin J. Jr., Law Office 1/3/2013 yes
Eaton & McClellan 5/16/1996  
Eldridge & Nachtman, Law Office 1/9/2015  
Elville and Associates 1/11/2018  
Family Heritage Trust Company 8/22/2011 yes
Farmers Bank of Maryland 12/18/2001 yes
Farmers National Bank of Maryland 12/21/1993  
Farmers & Mechanics National Bank 8/21/2002 yes
Farmers and Mechanics Bank 8/12/1994 yes
Farmers & Merchants Bank and Trust 1/24/2000  
Farmers & Merchants Bank of Hagerstown 9/23/1993  
FCNB Bank 6/6/2000  
Feher, Milton C., Attorney at Law 2/25/1986  
Finkelstein & Horvitz LAw Office 7/17/2001  
First Capital Surety & Trust Co 4/10/2008  
First Horizon 1/4/2005  
First Maryland Disability Trust 2/21/2018  
First National Bank of Maryland 1/29/1997  
First Union National Bank 11/10/1999 yes
First United Bank & Trust 12/15/2006 yes
First United Corporation 10/31/1994  
First United National Bank & Trust 7/15/1998  
First United Trust & Investments 12/7/2012 yes
First Virginia Bank-Maryland 12/5/1994  
Fisher Law Office 8/15/2014  
FMB Trust Company N.A. 5/15/1998  
Foster, Philip Carey 7/14/2000  
Foley & Lardver LLP 11/2/2015  
Frank, Frank & Scherr, LLC 6/13/2016 yes
Franke, Frederick R. Jr. Law Office 6/28/2011 yes
Frost Law 12/28/2020
Fulton Financial Advisors 12/30/2015 yes
Funk & Bolton Attorneys at Law 7/24/2018  
Furey Doolan & Abell, LLP  3/28/2017 yes
Gallagher, Evelius & Jones, Law Office 9/29/1993  
Gatesman, William Michael Attorney at Law 12/5/2019 yes
Geis, Robert H. 10/29/2020  
Gershberg & Associates, LLC 2/9/2021  
Gingerich and Culpepper, LLP Attys at Law 2/3/1998  
Ginsberg, Yale M. 8/17/2016  
Gold, Sally B. Law Office 11/7/1995  
Gold, Sally B. Law Office 4/1/1997  
Goldman Sachs Trust Company 8/30/2010  
Greer, William R., Jr., Attorney at Law 3/3/2011 yes
Greer Law Firm  3/1/2016  
Grevin, Eric P., Law Office 2/11/2019  
Gross Mendelsohn CPAs and Advisors 1/24/2018  
Hagerstown Trust Company 12/10/1996 yes
Harris Trust and Savings Bank 4/15/1994 yes
Haskell, Frank B., Law Office 2/8/1996  
Haskell Duley and Gale 1/23/1989  
Hecht and Chapper  Attorneys at Law 12/8/2005  
Heisler, Williams & Lazzaro, L.L.C. 5/27/2009 yes
Hennessey, Ellen B.  9/27/2016  
Hershey Trust Company 5/30/2003  
Hodes, Ulman, Pessin & Katz P.A. 9/7/2005  
Hoffman, Comfort, Offutt & Scott, LLP 2/27/2007  
Holden, Ronald R., Law Office 12/27/2007 yes
Holden & Campbell, Attorneys at Law 12/4/2013  
Hylton & Gonzales 6/17/1997 yes
Investment Services Group (Division of Hanover Bank) 1/25/2001  
Jensen, Hassani & Focas, P.A. 5/3/2011  
Jester, Mary Ellen  4/2/2009  
Jones, Alexander, G. 2/17/1999  
Joseph, Greenwald & Laake, P.A. 4/18/2016 yes
J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. 7/10/2018 yes
Kahan, Gail R., Attorney at Law 9/12/2018  
Kagan Law Group 5/1/2018  
Kallina & Associates 4/14/1992  
Katz, JD 6/5/2009  
Kenworthey, William H., Jr. 10/10/2005  
Keystone Financial Bank N.A. 3/31/2000  
Klinefelter, Stanard T. 12/6/2005  
Kneib, Joseph V. Attorneyr at Law 10/22/1991  
Knust, Jac E. Law Office 12/23/1999 yes
Kobrinetz Chernack,  Alisa 1/21/2020  
Krame, Evan J. 1/10/2021 yes
Krame and Biggin  1/20/2019 yes
Kramon & Graham 2/5/1999  
Landsman, Ron 1/15/2016  
Landsman Law Group 2/6/2020 yes
Lawless, Randolph & Dale 1/2/2020  
Lazzaro, Glen D., Attorney at Law 5/20/2003  
Legg Mason Trust Company 12/16/1996 yes
Levine, Irving M. 8/24/1992  
Loggia, Elizabeth G.  3/14/2013  
M&T Bank 1/23/2017 yes
Malloy, Walter Nathan Jr., Law Office 9/22/2005  
Margolius Firm 5/4/2010  
Mason-Dixon Trust Company (Carroll County Bank) 1/23/1998  
Mass Mutual Trust Company, FSB 10/24/2006  
McChesney & Dale, P.C. Attys at Law 8/27/2001 yes
Richard M. McGill - Atty at Law 1/31/1990  
McAllister Detar Showalter & Walker 1/18/2021  
McKenney, Thomsen & Burke Attorneys at Law 12/28/1995  
McNamee Hosea Attorneys and Advisors 2/8/2021 yes
Meehan, Thomas P. 7/27/2009  
Meier, Robert A Meier, Jr. 2/27/2006 yes
Mellon Bank (The Bank New York Mellon Corp) 10/30/2007 yes
Mercantile Safe Deposit & Trust Company 5/26/2004 yes
Mercantile Investment & Wealth Management 9/20/2006 yes
Law Offices Abel J. Merrill P.A. 4/21/1997  
Merrill & Cruttenden 10/3/2006 yes
Meyers, Rodbell & Rosenbaum 3/9/2010 yes
Miles & Stockbridge 12/8/2000  
Miller, Karen J. 7/16/2002  
Miller, Miller & Canby 4/13/2015 yes
Modell, David P., Law Office 8/7/2008 yes
Morgan Stanley 12/19/2006  
Nash, Henry 10/12/2018 yes
NationsBank 2/26/1999 yes
Newell, John D. 5/3/2019  
Niles, Barton & Wilmer 1/31/2019  
Nippard Law  11/27/2015  
Northern Trust 12/30/2008 yes
Ober Kaler 8/17/2016 yes
O'Byrne Law 12/8/2020 yes
Ocean First Bank 4/20/2020  
Oram, Steven H., Law Offices 1/8/2008 yes
Oram & Moss Chartered 3/16/2021 yes
Orrstown Bank 1/8/2020  
Pasternak & Fidis 1/23/2019 yes
Pelagatti, Gale, Walthall, Law Offices  5/2/1994  
Penater Law  6/25/2020 yes
Peoples Bank A Codorus Valley Company 5/1/1998  
Piet H. Richard, Attorney at Law 4/12/2001 yes
Pileggi, Anthony R., Law Office  3/7/2016 yes
Pitock, Anita, Law Office 6/4/2020  
Plan of Maryland DC 12/2/2008  
PNC Bank N.A. 11/13/2019 yes
Pope-Onwukwe, Karren, Law Office 4/30/2010  
Pskowski, Harold W., Attorney at Law 3/1/2013  
Quinn, Racusin & Gazzola 11/19/2020  
Raymond James Trust N.A. 6/27/2018 yes
Regions Bank 7/28/2017  
Richman, Jerome B., Attorney at Law 2/7/2006 yes
Riggs Bank N.A. 1/23/2001 yes
Ritter, Brian, Jr., dba  Ritter Elder Law  10/16/2020 yes
Robbins, Jonathan D., Law Offices 2/1/2001  
Robertson, Rob, Attorney at Law 8/8/1996  
Roa, Adam J., Law Offices  12/16/2019 yes
Robinson & Koenig, Law Offices 2/16/1994  
Roblyer, Michael R.  Attorney at Law 11/13/2012  
Ross, Marsh & Foster, Law Offices 8/4/2009 yes
Rose & Mitchell, Law Offices 4/10/1989  
Rowan and Quirk, Law Offices 5/18/1995  
Royston Mueller, McLean & Reid, LLP 12/29/2020 yes
Rutledge Aitken Attorneys at Law 1/24/2013  
Sack & Harris, PC - Attorneys at Law 5/3/2012  
Salomon Smith Barney (Citigroup) 11/7/2000  
Sandy Spring Bank 8/22/2017 yes
Saul Ewing, Attorneys at Law 10/20/2003  
Schmuhl, Robert A., Attorneys at Law 11/6/1987  
Scholl, G. Richard 6/18/1998  
Schwartz & Bloomberg, Law Offices 12/24/2002  
Scull, David L., Law Offices  3/8/2018 yes
Security Trust 6/17/1992 yes
Serio and Higdon, Law Offices 11/15/2016  
Signet Trust Company 2/23/1998 yes
Simcox and Barclay, Attorneys at Law 11/11/2009  
Simison, David A  Attorney at Law 12/22/2011  
Sims & Campbell Estates and Trusts 2/12/2021  
Sims, Jane Frankel, Law Offices 1/7/2015 yes
Smith, Jess Joseph, Jr., Law Offices 1/1/1996  
Sovran Bank 5/9/1991 yes
Stark and Keenan  Attorneys at Law 10/13/2006  
Stein, Sperling, Bennett, De Jong, Driscoll & Greenfeig 8/2/2010  
Stewart, Plant & Blumenthal 3/17/2015  
Stone, E. Harrison 8/5/2015  
Strite and Schildt, Law Offices 10/16/2002  
Summerfield, Willen, Silverberg, Limsky, LLC 5/9/2013 yes
SunTrust Bank (now Truist Bank) 12/2/2019 yes
Susquehanna Trust & Investment Co 10/16/2002  
Thomas & Libowitz, Law Office 2/20/2001  
Thompson Hine 4/17/2002  
TIAA CREF Trust Company, FSB 1/24/2008  
Titman, David A., Attorney at Law 1/14/2000  
Truist Bank 12/2/2019  
Travieso, Bonnie A., Law Office 11/16/2015 yes
Trust Company of America 4/30/1998 yes
Trust Company of Virginia 2/6/2003  
Trust Corp America 4/30/1998  
Truist Bank (former Suntrust) 12/2/2019  
UBS Trust Company 5/2/2011  
United Bancshares, Inc (United Bank) 6/25/2020  
United Bank and Trust Company 7/11/1988  
U.S. Trust (acquired by BOA) 9/22/2014 yes
Van Grack, Axelson, Williamowsky & Jacobs 7/28/1992  
Venable Baetjer and Howard 11/27/2001 yes
Vogelstein, Michael D.  2/11/2016  
Wachovia Bank (Wells Fargo) 10/7/2009 yes
Waldman & Diamond, Chartered 5/2/2019 yes
Wagonheim Law 1/25/2018  
Ward, Klein & Miller 2/14/1995  
Wase, Wase & Grace 9/9/2015  
Waxman, Marcy  9/28/2017  
Weinberg & Green, Attorneys at Law 5/13/1998  
Weiner, Shearouse, Weitz, Greenberg & Shawe 3/20/2009  
Weiss, Rand Alan, Law Offices 1/22/2004  
Weisse Miller Law Group 9/19/2011  
Wells Fargo Bank NA 3/4/2020 yes
West & Feinberg, P.C. 9/14/2009  
Whitworth, Smith & Trunnell, P.A. 11/14/2002  
Willey & Crooks 7/10/1996  
Williams, J. Carol Law Office 6/15/2016  
Wilmington Trust 9/28/2018 yes
Winelander, Richard Attorney at Law 1/11/2011  
Winelander & Cox, P.A. 1/9/2015  
Winelander Law Group 9/24/2018  
Wright, Richard T., Attorney at Law 10/21/1996  
Wulkan, Donna L. Law Office 9/7/2007 yes
Wye Financial & Trust 7/7/2020 yes