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Third Party Qualified Elevator Inspector (QEI) Information and Forms - Elevator and Escalator Safety - Safety Inspections


Effective July 1, 2009, Maryland Law requires the owner of an elevator unit to contract a periodic annual inspection with an authorized third party qualified elevator inspector (TPQEI) Level 1.

Forms are available in Word format, download Word viewer for free and Adobe Acrobat format, download Adobe Acrobat for free.

Third Party (QEI) Information

  • Third Party (QEI) Information (Word document, 99KB) (PDF document, 174KB)
  • Level 1 QEI process and requirements letter (Word document, 97KB) (PDF document, 99KB)
  • Level 2 QEI process and requirements letter (Word document, 84KB) (PDF document, 97KB)
  • Level 3 Personnel Hoist QEI Information (Word document, 82KB) (PDF document, 83KB)
  • Level 1 QEI Inspectors (PDF document, 15KB)
    This is a list of currently active Level 1 Qualified Elevator Inspectors
  • Owner Listing of Elevator Units by County
    This is an interactive list, by County, of all owners and elevator units currently in service in Maryland. Also here is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet that lists all units in order by State Registration Number. This spreadsheet consists of 24 sheets, tabbed by County and including Baltimore City.

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Third Party (QEI) Forms

  • Application for Registration of Third Party QEI (Word document, 102KB) (PDF document, 175KB)
    Use this form if you are an inspector wishing to apply or re-register to be a Third Party Qualified Elevator Inspector. Also included are the Requirements and Policy of the Safety Inspection Unit regarding registration of 3rd Party Elevator Inspectors
  • Third Party Periodic Inspection and Test Report (Word document, 96KB) (PDF document, 90KB)
    This is the report form used by Third Party Qualified Elevator Inspectors when conducting a Periodic Inspection.
  • Escalator/Moving Walk Checklist (Word document, 93KB) (PDF document, 87KB)
    This is the checklist report form used by Third Party Qualified Elevator Inspectors when conducting an inspection on an Escalator/Moving Walk.
  • LULA-type lifts installed before 3/24/1997 Notice (PDF document, 2.2MB)
    This link provides a scan of information pertaining to Limited Use/Limited Application lifts that were installed prior to 3/24/1997.
  • Violation Categories (Word document, 400KB) (PDF document, 124KB)
    This is an itemized list of violations, ordered by sub-category.
  • Inspection Violation Form (Excel document, 57KB, download Excel viewer for free) (PDF document, 12KB)
    This is the Violation Notice to be used by Third Party Qualified Elevator Inspectors when conducting an inspection where violations are identified.

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