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April 2019 Thoroughbred Rulings - Maryland Racing Commission

April 6, 2019 - Laurel Park
#19-054 In the first race, at Laurel Park on April 5, 2019, horse #4 “Hard Rockin Blues”, ridden by jockey, Jevian Toledo was disqualified from first position and placed second. Inside the 1/8 pole, #4 “Hard Rockin Blues” came out, under left-handed whipping, carrying #1“Untruthful Sonnet” out in the track, taking away his best opportunity to get past him.
[Violation under COMAR, A (1) a, d & e, which states in pertinent parts: “A horse may not: (a) Carry another horse in or out (d) Intimidate another horse, or (e) Impede another horse.]

1st Untruthful Sonnet
2nd Hard Rockin Blues

April 6, 2019 - Laurel Park
#19-055 Jockey, Jevian Toledo, is suspended three (3) Maryland racing days
, April 11, 12 & 13, 2019, for riding the horse “Hard Rockin Blues” in a careless manner in the first race at Laurel Park on April 5, 2019, thereby causing the disqualification of “Hard Rockin Blues” from first to second position.
[COMAR AA (2)(c)(d)]

April 19, 2019 - Laurel Park
#19-056 In the matter of Apprentice jockey Jenn Miller
; having provided all documentation pertinent to her injury of November 25, 2017, Apprentice jockey Miller is hereby granted fifty-four (54) days of extension to her apprentice certificate, which would have expired on January 18, 2018. This extension will now continue her apprentice allowances starting April 18, 2019 thru June 10, 2019.
[COMAR 4(a) (i) (b) (c)]

April 26, 2019 - Laurel Park
#19-057 Stable employee, Jacob Smith having been duly notified to appear
before the Stewards and having failed to appear is hereby suspended pending his appearance.