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Approved Waivers - Workforce Development & Adult Learning

Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 01-15, issued by USDOL on or about July 1, 2015, advises that the United States Secretary of Labor's wavier authority under the Workforce Investment Act and waivers approved under WIA do not extend to WIOA, which has its own waiver authority. The TEGL further stipulates that USDOL "does not envision a need for States to request waivers before the submission of the first WIOA State Plan in March of 2016." Rather, the Department, through TEGL 01-15, encouraged states to "work with, and test the flexibility of WIOA, particularly during PY 2015, the first year of implementation."

While the TEGL does not deny, outright, a state's ability to apply for a waiver, USDOL advises that a state must "demonstrate[] that a proposed waiver would lead to a true innovation or improve service delivery beyond the improvements provided for in WIOA." At this time, Maryland does not wish to submit a waiver. However, the State reserves its right to request a waiver from USDOL as it fully implements the requirements of WIOA.

There are no approved waivers at this time.

Pending Requests