Division of Workforce Development and Adult Learning


Maryland Youth Workforce Programs and Services


Guiding youth to achieve personal goals and prepare for career paths

The mission of Maryland's Youth Employment Program is to guide youth to achieve personal goals and prepare for career paths through empowerment, education, and employment opportunities.

The Youth Employment Program provides tools for Maryland youth between the ages of 14 and 21 to fulfill their educational goals and explore the world of work by providing educational support, leadership development, and work training.

The Youth Employment Program is designed to:

  • Emphasize real-world labor expectations
  • Increase awareness of services offered by local community-based organizations
  • Provide opportunities for career instruction, financial literacy training, academic improvement, and social growth.

Contact a One Stop Career Center in your area today to learn more about the many programs and services available such as summer employment, occupational skills training, and scholarships.

Download the Youth Programs and Services Brochure (PDF document, 1.1MB, download Adobe Acrobat for free) for additional details and information.