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Important Information About Your Maryland Unemployment Insurance Account - Unemployment Insurance Tax Rates for 2015 - Unemployment Insurance Contributions


There will be a shift from Table A to Table B as a result of the solvency calculation for the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund as required by the Unemployment Insurance Law. The Division of Unemployment Insurance has determined that the range of rates for 2015 will be from 0.6% to 9.0%. The rate for new employers in 2015 will be 2.6%. An exception is that the rate for new construction employers headquartered in another state will be 9.0%. The taxable wage base for 2015 will remain at $8,500.

You will receive your 2015 Experience Rate Notice by mail in mid-January. The notice will provide your specific tax rate for calendar year 2015, and a summary of benefit charges and taxable wages used to calculate your rate. If, at that time, you determine an error has been made, you will have (15) days from the date of the notice to file a written appeal.

If, for planning purposes, you want to obtain your tax rate prior to the mailing of the rate notice, it is available by calling the toll free number: -1-800-492-5524 and quick dialing directly to the rate by pressing 16 as soon as you hear the recorded voice. You will need to know your 10-digit employer account number.

Employers are reminded that the new law change that went into effect on October 1, 2013 could affect their tax rate. An employer's account will not be relieved of charges if the benefits that were originally paid to a former employee are determined to be overpaid due to the employer or the employer's agent failure to provide timely or adequate information to the request for separation or other information.

Employers are ultimately responsible for the deposit and payment of their Maryland Unemployment tax liability, even if a third party is making the deposits. The Maryland Unemployment Insurance Division recommends that employers enroll in "WebTax" online to confirm filings and payments made on their behalf.

Maryland's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Payment Plans